Introducing VIP Memberships:

– Unlimited visits during public play hours

– 10% off Birthday Parties

– Discount on Princess Parties or other monthly events.

$25+tax per child per month*. One adult included.

*must be registered for 3 months, after that you may cancel with 30 days written notice. ID required at each visit. Price is subject to change. Limited time offer only.

Introducing Playtown’s Private Learning Program:

Registration now open March 2023 term. Small class size. Please email to inquire. Age 18 months and up. 9 am start time. Full or half day.

Introducing Playtown’s Fun & Learn Drop off Program:

Registration now open for March 2023 term. 2 days a week. Please email to inquire. Pickup from school is not available.

Email us at to receive more information about these programs.