Public Play Membership called Playtown Club Membership (month to month), OR Playtown VIP Membership (3 months commitment)

Unlimited Visits during public play hours

$130/month Age 24 months to 12 years (month to month) OR $99/month 3 months commitment.

$105/month Age 12 to 23 months (month to month) OR $85/month 3 months commitment

$85/month Age 0 to 11 months (month to month) OR $65/month 3 months commitment


*credit card details required for 3 month memberships

*There is a $50 Cancellation Fee for canceling before 3 months


Why should you get a 3 month membership?

You pay lower admission fee and enjoy UNLIMITED visits during our public play hours

You get 10% off birthday booking

You get $10 off from our special event tickets

Guaranteed spot for public play provided that you register 48 hours in advance

Membership is transferrable; siblings can use each other’s memberships provided that they are in the same age range.


3 Month Membership with drop off program called Habits Club (VIP+Habits Club Membership):

one session a week (weekday) 5 pm to 7 pm, $199/month

two sessions a week (weekday) 5 pm to 7 pm, $269/month

*There is a $80 Cancellation Fee for canceling before 3 months


Drop off (Habits Club) only membership (no public play option): $149/month, 2 sessions a week on weekdays, 5-7 pm.

*Drop off option only available for kids age 4 and above, must be able to use the bathroom by themselves.

*Drop off Dates will be announced on the 15th of every month for the next month, you must book your drop off visits in advance.

*Drop off programs offer different activities throughout the week, like learning to meditate, journaling, learning real life skills through play in our play area, homework help, arts and crafts etc.

*Okay to cancel with 30 days notice. You will be charge Final Month Fee of $149 if cancelled within 30 days.


Family Public Play Memberships:

Total Price for the age range minus $25 off.

If purchasing 3 months membership, *There is a $50 Cancellation Fee for canceling before 3 months


Private Play Memberships:

$50+tax for a family of 4, additional people $6+tax per person. 1 hour 30-minute slot during weekdays (weekends not available).

(More time and low price as compared to regular private play slots which are at $67+tax for 4 people and $9+tax per additional person)

Must book 5 private play slots


*credit card details will be taken and you will be charged for 1 slot every month on your credit card (if you booked more than 1 visit in a month, you will be charged full amount for each visit $50+tax/visit)

*there is a $70 cancelation fee if you cancel this option after 2 visits, $60 fee for canceling after 3 visits, $40 fee for canceling after 4 visits and $25 fee for canceling the last visit.